A few images from Riga

The gig with Plant43 went really well at the weekend. Something went wrong with the recordings so while we wait with fingers crossed to discover if they'll be able to recover them, here are a few pictures taken while wondering the old medieval section of Riga.

Electrodrama - Sky Watcher party

Typically, I forgot to mention that I'm playing in Riga, Latvia this Friday.

Here's the flyer:

Also playing will be Emile Facey aka Plant43, who has releases on the Ai label.

Bleep43: Surgeon, DJ Pete, Scorn & more

I took a load of photos at the Bleep43 party last Friday. Surgeon and DJ Pete played for the entire night except for one hour in which they handed over to Scorn. Scorn is Mick Harris, whom I first saw perform in 1989 when I was 14 years old and he was the drummer of Napalm Death. In the 19 years since then I've seen him perform at least once more with ND, once with Godflesh with whom he played a handful of gigs, before he went on to do a number of studio based projects including Scorn.