A few images from Riga

The gig with Plant43 went really well at the weekend. Something went wrong with the recordings so while we wait with fingers crossed to discover if they'll be able to recover them, here are a few pictures taken while wondering the old medieval section of Riga.

Electrodrama - Sky Watcher party

Typically, I forgot to mention that I'm playing in Riga, Latvia this Friday.

Here's the flyer:

Also playing will be Emile Facey aka Plant43, who has releases on the Ai label.

Bleep43: Surgeon, DJ Pete, Scorn & more

I took a load of photos at the Bleep43 party last Friday. Surgeon and DJ Pete played for the entire night except for one hour in which they handed over to Scorn. Scorn is Mick Harris, whom I first saw perform in 1989 when I was 14 years old and he was the drummer of Napalm Death. In the 19 years since then I've seen him perform at least once more with ND, once with Godflesh with whom he played a handful of gigs, before he went on to do a number of studio based projects including Scorn.

new mix - Strings Of Lice

Guitar strings, to be precise. A "mix" (the term is used loosely) I did the other night, full of music made with guitars. Death metal, grindcore, neofolk, noise, drone, post-rock, black metal, and other bits. Stuff that really influenced me at the end of the 80s/start of the 90s, and more recent stuff too.


Twilight - 'Larval Liaise' (Southern Lord)
Carcass - 'Swarming Vulgar Mass Of Infected Virulency' (Earache)
Tetuzi Akiyama - 'Pre-Existence' (Bo'Weavil)
Kiruna - 'Raldo`s Autostrada' (Plastic Strip)
Josephine Foster - 'Nähe Des Geliebten' (Locust)
Obituary - 'Body Bag' (Roadracer)
God - 'Crash Victim' (Situation Two)
Earth - 'Coda Maestoso In F (Flat) Minor' (Southern Lord)
Napalm Death - 'Evolved As One' (Earache)
Head Of David - '108' (Blast First)
Earthmonkey - 'Hydraulic Bugger' (Beta-lactam Ring)
Godflesh - 'Mighty Trust Krusher' (Earache)
Prophecy Of Doom - 'Prophetic Believers Prepare' (Deaf)
Death In June - 'Good Mourning Sun' (New European Recordings)
Entombed - 'Left Hand Path / Drowned' (Earache)
Butthole Surfers - 'Graveyard' (Blast First)
Bruce Russell - 'Nigerian Delta Oil Well Blues' (Rococo)
James Blackshaw - 'Stained Glass Window' (Tompkins Square)

Get it from the downloads page on the ARCart site.

new mix - Bleep Free

A mix I did for the the Bleep43 podcast a few weeks ago, ahead of the Bleep party I played at (which I completely forgot to mention here!).


As One - 'We No Longer Understand' (New Electronica)
Robert Hood - 'Who Taught You Math (Edit)' (Peacefrog)
Cristian Vogel - 'SKX EngineUndercover' (Tresor)
Omar-S - 'Track #8' (FXHE)
Joey Beltram - 'Ball Park (Steve Bicknell remix)' (Tresor)
V-Room - 'V-Shaped' (Plus 8)
Joe Lewis (actually it's Jamie Read) - 'Touch Me' (Peacefrog)
Shitcluster - 'Beyond A Joke' (Bunker)
Apogee - 'Sunrise On The 2nd Moon' (Peacefrog)
Bedouin Ascent - 'Ruthless Compassion' (Rising High)
The Track Stars - 'Computer' (Dance Mania)
Jello - 'O'verb (Dualite Mix)' (Peacefrog)
Cristian Vogel - 'Going The Distance' (Mille Plateaux)
Bitstream - 'Muspel' (Touchin' Bass)
D.J. Funk #1 - 'Jerk It' (Dance Mania)
Tommy Gillard - 'Rogue Beat Returns' (Rogue Beat)
Kenny Larkin - 'Catatonic (Second State)' (R&S)
The Black Dog - 'Cost II' (GPR)
DJ Deeon - 'Da Bomb' (Dance Mania)
Grackle - 'Grackle Trance' (Strange Life)
Kites - 'Nice Garden / Lady's Compact' (Load)

Get it from the downloads page on the ARCart site.

new photos from Spain

A bunch of new photos are up, taken on a recent trip to Catalunya. Views of Cap De Creus, the rocky easternmost point of mainland Spain, and Cadaqués, a small harbour village near to where Salvador Dalí had a home, now a museum.

London Mela

Yesterday I went to the London Mela in Gunnersbury Park, not far from where I live. It's a massive event lasting just one day, focusing on the culture of the Indian subcontinent. There were several music stages offering everything from the more popular bhangra styled stuff, to the "Indo Electronica" stage, where I briefly saw a slightly odd laptop/vocals performance, to Asian hip-hop, traditional dancing....

...and the tent where I spent most of the day: the classical heritage stage. Here we were treated to a performance on the sarod by Gurdev Singh, a number of fuller pieces by the Samyo South Asian Youth Orchestra....

....and finally some live Qawwali from Haji Armeer Khan Qawwal, which really drew the crowds in and had a bit of audience participation in the form of clapping to the rhythms.....

Just prior to the Qawwali session there was a performance piece by a guy called John-Paul Zaccarini from Company FZ. I got a few pictures of his performance from my place in the audience just below his position.


I recently helped out a friend (Helena Domenech) with an art project called "Restraint". It involved having her torso restricted by a plaster of paris "garment" that we had to create by wrapping her up in wet plaster, and then walking around town. My function was to capture images of her and those observing her. It was a very hard day for both of us. Me, because I was carrying my camera, camera bag, another bag of my own stuff and a bag of her stuff. Her, because her body and arms were prevented from moving freely for several hours.

The reactions of people were interesting, especially as from a distance the plaster clothing could be mistaken for normal clothes, and it was only when they got closer or noticed the streaks of plaster that had run down and dried on her forearms that they realised something was a bit odd. We went to Tate Modern to take some shots, and then made an unsuccessful attempt to have people sign her cast on Millennium Bridge. Unsuccessful because the felt tip pens we had wouldn't write on the not-fully-dry plaster.

We picked up some permanent markers on the way to Leicester Square, where she was much more successful at getting some tourists (the ones she convinced weren't being asked for money!) to scrawl a message.

First post, testing 123

I've set up this page so that in case anyone should happen to be interested in being informed about new mixes etc on the ARCart.org website, they can subscribe to this blog's feed. I expect activity to be minimal, given that we're now in August 2008 and I've only put two mixes up this year so far. We'll see....